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Sightseeing around Thesprotia

By staying Sivota you can combine various excursions by boat or car.

Springs of Acheron river, near the village of Glyki. The beautiful Sivota.
The island of Corfu. The region of Zagorochoria with many traditional greek villages.
Paxos, with its turquoise waters. Parga with the castle.
Cave of Perama, 4 km. from the city of Ioannina. The monasteries of Meteora, near the city of Kalampaka.
Ancient Nikopolis near the city of Preveza. The ruins of Nekromanteio, on the way to Preveza.
The city of Ioannina and the ancient theatre of Dodoni, also the cave of Perama. The monument of Zalogo, with the huge sculptures of women.

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